Kids? Poly? Have you lost your mind?


So people keep asking about kids, and how they handle poly situations, especially live ins.

So I asked my 17 year old stepdaughter to give you guys her side, I haven’t even read it, I’m pasting it in this field and just hitting “post”. Hopefully she said nothing too terrible about me.

“Do You Have One Parent or Two?

Every year, school has this run of surveys the students fill out for the Data Management classes. The first time I had ever had a problem with one of these questionnaires was when I got one called, “How Your Parental Situation Effects You” and one of the questions was, “Do you live with one parent or two?” It had options for if you lived with your mom, dad, both or a step parent. I struggled because there wasn’t even an “other” option.
Unfortunately for the kids in that data class, I have one of the most unique family dynamics you could mash together. I live with my mom, my step dad, and his girlfriend. Apparently the issue has come up of how a teen, or any children, can live successfully in this environment. In full honesty, I see no negative long lasting side effects on the children. The only issues we’re really going to have is trying to explain it all the time. My siblings are both under 12 and they’ve never seen anything confusing about it.
Living with such an obscure lifestyle has opened a lot of doors for me. There is always a parent around if you need something or someone to talk too. If you’re having an issue with one parent, you can have another discuss it. Most of all, it has created a more open minded, honest person of me. I was taught early to be accepting and supportive of alternative lifestyles, and this living situation has done nothing but secure it. The “rules” of my parents’ relationship have been applied to my own life; honesty, communication, allowing myself to have fun sometimes, being more open, and a lot better music.
In conclusion, living in a polyamorous family has done nothing but provide positive outcomes. I could go on for pages about the ways the relationship effects me or my siblings, but I was told to sum it up pretty fast. Children are capable of understanding polyamory just like they can understand homosexuality, you just have to teach them that there’s nothing wrong with it.”


4 thoughts on “Kids? Poly? Have you lost your mind?

  1. Prof. Woland says:

    This was a great post. It’s making the rounds on FB now–in case you didn’t know.. but it’s good to see that people are being smart with their kids–treating them as smart cookies who can understand a lot more than people give them credit for–and that the main issue is to teach them to be smart and kind to people.

    Anyway.. good luck with your blog!


    • Jaie says:

      I have found out, it’d made the rounds back when it was written, and now has become really huge as of today. We can’t wait for the author to come home from high school today so we can show her. Thank you for the encouragement, I’d been sort of ignoring this blog and obviously, I should not ignore it! Hopefully we can get our teen to write a bit more for you all.

      Liked by 1 person

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